Jo welcomes local Labour support in holding back nationalist tide

East Dunbartonshire Liberal Democrat candidate Jo Swinson’s campaign received another boost thanks to the public backing of local Labour Party member Stewart Moohan. Stewart’s support comes on the heels of 2 polls that show a close two horse race to be East Dunbartonshire’s MP between Jo and the SNP.

Stewart Moohan, former secretary of the Strathkelvin and Bearsden Constituency Labour Party has given his backing to Jo in order to stop the SNP from taking the seat.

Commenting Stewart Moohan said:

"I've voted Labour all my life, been a local Labour Party activist, candidate and office bearer, but at this General Election, I'll be voting for Liberal Democrat candidate, Jo Swinson.

“For me, Jo is the only person who can stop the SNP winning in East Dunbartonshire."

Welcoming the backing from Stewart, Jo said: 

“I’m delighted to have Stewart’s vote.

“From speaking to him while campaigning during the referendum campaign, I know how strongly he feels that Scotland's best future is within the United Kingdom. I hope that others who want to keep our country together will also recognise that in East Dunbartonshire the only way to stop the SNP is to vote Liberal Democrat.

“Nicola Sturgeon refuses to rule out a referendum in the SNP manifesto for the 2016 Holyrood election. Not even a year has passed since the referendum and their ‘once in a lifetime’ promise has been thrown out the window.

“This time around tactical voting may have a real effect on Scotland – and Britain’s – future.”

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