Kelly report must be accepted in full

Jo has welcomed the recommendations of Sir Christopher Kelly’s review of MPs’ expenses.

Earlier this year, Sir Christopher Kelly was asked to carry out an independent review of the system of MPs’ expenses, and the results of that review were announced with the publication this week of his report, ‘MPs’ Expenses and Allowances: Supporting Parliament, Safeguarding the Taxpayer’. In an article in The Herald yesterday, Jo wrote that the report is “a thorough piece of work, and packed with eminently sensible recommendations.”

The Kelly report’s recommendations include:

MPs should be able to claim for rent but not mortgages on second homes

MPs living near London should not able to claim for second homes

MPs may not employ family members with public money

The £10,400 a year Communications Allowance should be abolished

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority will now be responsible for implementing the recommendations.

Commenting, Jo said:

“I welcome the publication of the Kelly report, and I am pleased that the leaders of all the main parties have agreed that its recommendations should be implemented in full. MPs should not be making the rules concerning their own expenses, so it is right that the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has been set up to regulate the expenses system.

“I believe the Kelly review should be seen as the start, and not the end, of political reform. Much more can be done to make our politics more transparent and accountable to the public, including setting up a Citizens’ Convention to involve the public in political reform, giving voters the right to recall corrupt MPs and creating an elected House of Lords.”

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