Kirkintilloch Town Centre Update


The recent consultation was clear – people feel anxious about using their town centre and want the traffic lights back at the Catherine Street junction. This Council is listening - they need to get it right this time. It has been suggested that right turns from Cowgate at the junction are banned when the traffic lights go back.

Susan said “I am worried that we do not know what effect this will have on traffic. We can only guess what it could do to surrounding streets. I have made sure that traffic modelling of all the roads in the wider town centre is taking place to find the best way for the traffic lights to go back.”

She is also pleased to report that the good news is further improvements will follow. Until this happens the new Council Administration has secured funding which will pay for: better signage to help cars and pedestrians understand the priorities so they feel safe in the town centre; a new light assisted crossing close to WH Smiths will help blind and visually impaired people move around their town independently; promoting Kirkintilloch’s heritage.

Susan continued “We must not forget that lots of good things are happening in Kirky town centre – the new Town Hall, the Auld Kirk, canal walks, restaurants, coffee shops and a mix of shops, including some great new businesses, as well as access to the parks with heritage walks and cycling routes. I am working hard to make sure that the traffic issues are addressed and the lights go back in the best way to make Kirkintilloch town centre a welcoming place where everyone feels safe, where businesses thrive and where

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