Labour MP condemned for negative attitude to Kirkintilloch regeneration

Jo Swinson and Cllr Cathy McInnes: "The MP should be supporting, not criticising, the regeneration of Kirkintilloch."

Local Liberal Democrats in East Dunbartonshire have condemned the Labour MP's attack on Kirkintilloch's Initiative (KI). Jo Swinson said, "For the MP to suggest scrapping this multi-million pound regeneration project is strange indeed. People remember that it was under Labour control that Kirkintilloch was run down and deprived of its swimming pool. Under these circumstances I would have thought the Labour MP might have the humility to welcome the steps being taken towards the new leisure centre, instead of criticising just because this progress is being made under Lib Dem control."

Jo continued, "Last year's Kirkintilloch Herald's series on "What's wrong with Kirkintilloch?" made for interesting reading. What struck me was how all the contributors stressed the importance of everyone in the community working together to regenerate the town. Kirkintilloch's Initiative brings together voices of all political colours and none, to work together to pull in much-needed investment and regeneration."

West Kirkintilloch & Torrance Councillor and Depute Provost Cathy McInnes was also disappointed at the Labour MP's negative attitude, "The Liberal Democrats have been fighting continuously to bring about a step change which will realise all of our hopes and kick start Kirkintilloch into a once again thriving town."

Cathy continued, "We continue to have cross party support and many Councillors or all parties have been involved in pressing for the many positive aspects of the Initiative. Instead of scrapping the Initiative, why don't we scrap our present MP and elect one who will come up with positive solutions instead of insubstantial, headline grabbing articles."

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