Leaked Labour list predicts they could lose East Dunbartonshire

Labour are worried that they will lose East Dunbartonshire to Jo Swinson and the Lib Dems

East Dunbartonshire has appeared on a secret list of constituencies that the Labour Party believes it may lose in the General Election leaked to the London Evening Standard this weekend and reported in Saturday’s Daily Record.

The Lib Dems can win East Dunbartonshire from Labour at the General Election

This follows an opinion poll two weeks ago in Scotland on Sunday that showed the Liberal Democrats could take the seat by a considerable margin.

Commenting on the revelations, local Liberal Democrat candidate Jo Swinson said, “Labour’s secret list just confirms what our own canvassing has been telling us for months – many disillusioned Labour supporters are turning to the Liberal Democrats in droves while former Conservative and SNP supporters are planning to vote tactically to kick Labour out of the constituency.

“Opinion polls and secret lists don’t make up for hard work, but we are confident that the election is going to be close here.”

Jo Swinson is delivering her Annual Report of her activities to constituents this month.

This weekend saw the Scottish Liberal Democrats gather in Perth for their Party Conference. Jim Wallace MSP set out the Lib Dem plans to take 5 seats from Labour at the coming election, including East Dunbartonshire. Commenting on the seat in his keynote speech, Jim said, “In East Dunbartonshire, Jo Swinson is making significant headway in her campaign to gain from Labour in west-central Scotland.”

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