Lib Dem manifesto will deliver opportunity for everyone - Jo

Local MP Jo Swinson today (12 February) said that the Scottish Liberal Democrat general election manifesto will deliver opportunity for everyone in East Dunbartonshire.

Jo was speaking after Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP launched the front page of his party's general election manifesto alongside Charles Kennedy MP.  The front page sets out six Liberal Democrat priorities for the general election.
In 2010 the Liberal Democrat manifesto front page included commitments for fairer taxes, rebalancing the economy and political reform, all of which went on to be key policies of the Coalition.
The six priorities are:
Prosperity for all
Balance the budget fairly and invest to build a high skill, low carbon economy
Fair taxes
Cut your taxes by an additional £400 by raising the tax-free allowance to £12,500
Quality health care for all
Invest £8bn to improve our NHS and guarantee equal care for mental health
Opportunity for every child
Guarantee education funding from nursery to college
Our environment protected
Protect nature and fight climate change with five Green Laws
A stronger Scotland for everyone
Transfer power from London to Scotland with home rule in the UK
Commenting Jo said:
"Today we are setting out six priorities for a stronger economy and a fairer society, so that there is opportunity for everyone.
"I am proud of the work that Liberal Democrats in government have done to help people in East Dunbartonshire and across the whole country. Locally, we have seen 40,600 people receive an £800 tax cut and unemployment at its lowest level in 10 years. Now we want to build on this progress.
“Lower taxes. More jobs. Better healthcare. Better education. A fairer, greener, society, with opportunity for everyone, in a stronger Scotland. These are the Liberal Democrat priorities for this election."
Speaking in Fort William today, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP said:
“In Government, the Liberal Democrats have delivered on the front page of our previous General Election manifesto. Liberal Democrats have made the weather on more powers, whilst Scotland’s lowest paid are no longer paying Income Tax. 
“I came to Fort William today to launch our priorities with Charles because as Scottish Liberal Democrats we want to see a politics for all of Scotland.
“Whether you live in our cities or our countryside, work in our hospitals or our oil rigs, bring up your family in the Highlands or the Borders, voted Yes or No, I know we all want to see a stronger Scotland.
“We will deliver real home rule to Scotland through the Smith Agreement. But more than that, we will build a stronger economy and a fairer society by ensuring decent local services.
“For too long, our local hospitals have been in crisis mode. In due course, I will set out the full scale of this crisis and how we plan to ensure better opportunities for patients to get on in life.
“But today I am making clear that Scottish Liberal Democrats are committed to not only protecting our health budget – we will increase it too. 
“This will ensure decent public services, with improved mental health and local services a top priority in our efforts to build a fairer society.”


Further information
1.       Today’s event, highlighting the Scottish Liberal Democrat manifesto illustrates our key priories and commitments for the next parliament. A fuller manifesto with wider policy will be published in due course. 
2.       In line with the Liberal Democrat party policy process the full manifesto will be subject to final approval of the Liberal Democrat Federal Policy Committee and Scottish Policy Committee, and published in due course. The front page can be found online at

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