Lib Dems Call Halt to Bears Way Phase 2

After taking soundings from the local Bearsden community, Lib Dems on the council have voted against further extension of Bears Way cycle lane.

The Labour/Tory administration attempted to push ahead with Phase 2, but were thwarted by the combined ranks of Liberal Democrat, independent and SNP Councillors. From the beginning, the Bears Way project has suffered from a lack of proper public consultation, and Councillors felt it would have been hasty to go ahead with Phase 2 in the face of significant community concerns.

Vaughan Moody, Councillor for Bearsden South, said:
"Lib Dems are all for making cycling easier in our towns, but many local residents have real concerns about the design of the Bears Way junctions. We have successfully voted to stop further development of Phase 2 at this time, as we didn't want to ignore the feedback from local residents and see it steamrollered through."

Eric Gotts, Councillor for Milngavie, said:
"Rushed decisions generally turn out to be bad ones, and that's the reason that we could not support the go ahead. Now that Bears Way has been halted, the Council should give more attention to resolving the issue of safe walking and cycling routes to and from our local schools."

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