Lib Dems: full inquiry into Iraq war needed

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Lib Dems opposed the war in Iraq

The Scottish Liberal Democrats will today put Iraq at the heart of their election campaign.

Deputy Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Michael Moore, demanded a full public inquiry into the way the Prime Minister took the country to war. He will warn that “Iraq deserves to be a central issue in this election, not only because of what has happened, but because of what may yet come to pass”.

Mr Moore said: “At this general election, there is no question, that the conduct of the Government in the run up to war in Iraq, and the deployment of British troops in support of President Bush’s policy of regime change, is something that no Labour candidate, or Conservative candidate for that matter, can avoid – the people of Scotland and Britain won’t allow it.

Local Lib Dem candidate Jo Swinson added, “It is this Labour Government which took the decision to send our troops to Iraq, with the full support of the Conservative party. It is they who must be held accountable. Every Labour candidate should answer for the Government’s rush to war. Every Conservative candidate should answer for their party’s support – especially Mr Howard. Michael Howard must explain how his position differs from that of Tony Blair, or he should stop trying to pretend his position is something it is not. Remember, Michael Howard says that despite everything he would still vote for the war today.

“Iraq deserves to be a central issue in this election, not only because of what has happened. But of what may yet come to pass.”

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