Lib Dems launch women’s policy paper

Jo Swinson MP has today launched ‘Real Women’, the Liberal Democrats’ new policy paper for women.

The ‘Real Women’ paper, which has been produced by the Lib Dem’s women’s policy working group chaired by Jo Swinson, goes live on the web today. The paper addresses the pay gap, childcare worries and flexible working as well as domestic violence and issues related to body image and eating disorders.

The policies presented in the paper will be debated by the party at the Liberal Democrats’ national conference in September.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“Women face all kinds of pressures these days, whether it’s trying to juggle work and family life or trying to live up to unreasonable standards of beauty created by media images. We have come a long way towards achieving equality, but women still get paid less than men, and generally still take more responsibility for childcare and looking after elderly relatives, as well as having careers of their own.

“The Liberal Democrats believe there’s a lot the Government could do to address these problems, which is why we have come up with this set of policies. By making the Real Women paper available online I hope we will receive lots of feedback, and I look forward to debating the issues at the party conference next month.”

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