Lib Dems must be radical on reconnecting with voters

Jo has pressed for new ways to reconnect Parliament with the public

Jo Swinson has called for the Liberal Democrats to speak with a radical voice in the debate about public engagement with politics.

A debate at the party conference entitled ‘Give Citizens a Voice’ saw a range of reforms being debated. These included the measure, considered but not approved by party members, for a ‘people’s veto’, to allow members of the public to challenge an Act of Parliament.

Jo said:

“Long advocates of Parliamentary reform in areas such as the electoral process, the Liberal Democrats are well placed to be the party that speaks with a radical voice on how Parliament can find new ways to reconnect with the people.

“I have campaigned for video clips of Parliamentary debates to be available on YouTube, so people can watch their MP at work online. Technology offers Parliament an opportunity to reach out to a new generation of voters, but worryingly, it is dragging its heels.

“This debate showed that the Liberal Democrats are committed to revitalising the relationship between Parliament and the people.”

Under the measure for a ‘people’s veto’, all Acts of Parliament would be subject to a rule whereby, if one million registered voters petitioned against it within 60 days of the law being passed, a referendum would be held on its repeal.

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