Lib Dems Prepared to do Whatever it Takes to Clean Up SNP Mess

The Liberal Democrats are preparing today for this evening’s meeting to decide the budget for this financial year for East Dunbartonshire Council.

In the absence of any political leadership from the SNP group, who fled their posts as the ruling council administration after losing just one debate in December, the Liberal Democrats stepped up to form an all-party working group to oversee the vital process of creating the council’s budget for the upcoming financial year.

Councillor Vaughan Moody said “We were genuinely sad to see that the SNP were so quick to abandon the people of East Dunbartonshire who elected them in good faith. We took the initiative to propose the All-party Working Group on the budget, and we will continue to engage with representatives from all parties and none to work in the best interests of the people of East Dunbartonshire, unlike our colleagues from the SNP who lacked the courage to see through their commitment to enforce the harsh budget restrictions imposed by their own party at Holyrood.”

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