Lib Dems Succeed in Convincing Council to Adopt Strategy for Replacing Red Blaes Pitches

In February, Lib Dem Councillors Vaughan Moody and Eric Gotts succeeded in convincing the Council to consider the future of unused red blaes pitches as part of their five year Sports Pitches Strategy.

Initially the red blaes were absent from the strategy, but thanks to the Lib Dem motion, the Council agreed to work with the local community to develop solutions for these pitches.

Now that the next Council budget has been negotiated, it has been confirmed that £950,000 will be spent over three years to replace the unusable pitches with new all-weather pitches or with Multi Use Games Areas. The choice will be down to the individual school.

Vaughan Moody, Councillor for Bearsden South, said: "I am glad the Council listened, which is good news for for Castlehill Primary in 2016/17, Colquhoun Park and Baljaffray in 2017/18, and Mosshead in 2018/19."

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