Lib Dems will clear up SNP mess

The Liberal Democrat group on East Dunbartonshire Council is promising to work constructively with other parties, after the council was left in limbo by the recent decision of the minority SNP administration to walk away from their responsibilities.

The SNP’s decision to quit has left the council in turmoil, coming as it did just weeks away from the vital budget-setting process enshrined in law.

But, speaking ahead of an emergency council meeting next Thursday January 11, Lib Dem group leader, Councillor Vaughan Moody, says his group will work together with councillors of all parties and none in a bid to get the council back on track.

Responding to calls for cross-party co-operation, Councillor Moody said: "The SNP’s decision to run away has left the council in a mess, and at a vital time with the budget process now just weeks away.

"But the Lib Dem group is willing to work with all parties in order to sort out the budget, and on other matters we will be quite prepared to work with others on a case by case basis.

"This crisis caused by the SNP’s walk-out needs to be sorted soon, and the Lib Dem group will play its part in getting the council back on an even keel."

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