Liberal Democrats "The Real Opposition" - Jo Swinson welcomes Kennedy speech

Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP, Liberal Democrat Leader, yesterday launched his Party's strategy for the General Election. Under the slogan of 'The Real Opposition', Mr. Kennedy outlined the Liberal Democrats key campaigning themes and policy pledges.


The Lib Dems are set to make gains in the election - in places like East Dunbartonshire

Mr Kennedy said:

"The truth is that the majority of people in this country now see the Liberal Democrats as the Real Opposition. On so many issues it is the Liberal Democrats who have challenged this Government. We asked the critical questions, while the Conservatives have lined up with Labour."

Local Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson Jo Swinson welcomed the campaign launch:

"People in East Dunbartonshire are telling me they want a change. They're tired of the arrogance of the Labour Government. Charles Kennedy has been leading the opposition to the Government on issues from Iraq to identity cards, top-up fees and the unfair Council Tax."

Jo continued:

"This election will be an exciting one in East Dunbartonshire, with a slim Labour majority of 2601 over the Lib Dems. Here, like in Parliament and increasingly so many places in the UK, it is the Liberal Democrats providing the opposition to Labour."

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