Local charity brings green living to East Dunbartonshire

Jo has praised the work of a local charity which promotes sustainable living and self sufficiency through setting up community gardens.

Bearsden-based charity, Mariposa aims to engage communities and school children across Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire in growing their own food and caring for their local environment.

Jo met with Stephanie McAdams, founder of Mariposa, to discuss the charity’s work and to see some of the produce that she has planted.

Commenting, Jo said:

Jo Swinson with Mariposa founder Stephanie McAdams“As we make the transition to a sustainable society, the work of organisations such as Mariposa is going to be absolutely vital. Their projects will engage whole communities in work which revitalises green spaces, encourages people to switch to a healthier diet, reduces food miles and carbon emissions, and helps promote biodiversity. I was really inspired by Stephanie’s approach, and I look forward to seeing Mariposa’s gardens flourishing all over East Dunbartonshire.”

Commenting, Mariposa founder Stephanie McAdams said:

“Mariposa is about transforming unused land into flourishing, diverse and edible landscapes for the entire community to enjoy. I am really excited about the potential of this organisation. We can really contribute to making societies more unified, happier, healthier.”

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