Local Lib Dems March for Peace

Local Liberal Democrats joined the tens of thousands of protestors in the demonstration against war in Iraq in Glasgow on Saturday. Strathkelvin & Bearsden Parliamentary Spokesperson Jo Swinson, local Cllrs Fiona Risk, Julia Southcott, Robin McSkimming and Eric Gotts represented the local Lib Dems along with members from Torrance and Bishopbriggs.

Jo Swinson said:

“Many of the people I was marching with on Saturday had never been on a demonstration before in their life, but they felt this issue was too important for them not to be heard. In Westminster, it’s Charles Kennedy and the Liberal Democrats who are asking Tony Blair the difficult questions on Iraq – the questions that need to be answered before we contemplate declaring war.”

Charles Kennedy MP said:

“I find it personally and politically very difficult indeed to support a war in which there is no mandate from the UN and no sense of legitimacy on the international stage.”

Robert Brown, Lib Dem MSP for Glasgow, who spoke at the rally said:

“Liberal Democrats have argued consistently for 3 principles. Firstly, that it is the United Nations which has the moral authority and the political mandate on this issue. Secondly that there must be full compliance by Iraq with the UN weapons inspectors And thirdly that the House of Commons on behalf of the nation must be persuaded by, and vote on, any actions to be taken against Iraq.”

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