Local people “gutted” over Kilmardinny decision

Jo has condemned the Scottish Government Reporter’s decision to allow the Kilmardinny development to go ahead.

More than 14 months since the Reporter issued her Notice of Intention saying that she was “minded to allow” the appeal by CALA Management and Stewart Milne Holdings, she has published her final decision – she will allow the development to take place.

The Reporter will not require the developers to ensure that a new sports centre is up and running before the Allander Leisure is closed, despite Council motions being passed to say that continuity must be assured. However, as the owners of the land on which the Allander stands, the Council could still refuse to sell it.

Commenting, Jo said:

“This is a deeply disappointing decision from the Scottish Government Reporter. The SNP Government should never have left such an important decision in the hands of a single unelected official.

“I’m shocked to read the Reporter’s description of the negotiations. While Councillors were standing up for local people on the continuity of the Allander and firm opposition to the overall development, the Labour-Tory Council leadership seemed to be doing the opposite in private discussions with the developers.

“Local people will be gutted to hear this news. As a landowner, the Council still has significant influence over what happens on this site, and it is vital that they do everything in their power to prevent the development going ahead as proposed.”

Bearsden Councillor Duncan Cumming said:

“I am extremely disappointed that the Scottish Government Reporter has not listened to the concerns of local people. My opposition to the development is well documented. I voted against this development, and subsequently reaffirmed the opposition of local constituents in my precognition presented to The Scottish Government Reporter at the Public Inquiry held in Kessington Hall, Bearsden.”

“The Council must now move swiftly to reaffirm its total commitment to the Allander Sports Centre.”

“Motions to guarantee the future of the Allander Sport Centre for local people have been presented by me to the full Council, and have been unanimously supported by all Councillors. Now is the time for the Council deliver on its promises.”

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