Local people want more powers for Scotland

Local residents have given Jo Swinson MP their views on Scotland’s future after the independence referendum, with a majority of respondents saying they are in favour of further powers for the Scottish Parliament.

Although 61% of East Dunbartonshire voted No in the referendum, there is strong local support for continued devolution, including giving the Scottish Parliament more control over taxation. Many local people also told Jo they would like to see elements of welfare policy transferred to Scotland, but support maintaining defence and foreign policy at the UK-level. 

However, a significant number of respondents said they fear the prospect of a further referendum on this issue, and are unhappy that supporters of independence are yet to accept the settled verdict of the majority of Scots. 

Jo said: 

“Thank you to all those who took the time to offer their views on the future direction of Scotland. It’s great to see the high level of local engagement continuing 7 weeks after the referendum.  

“I have submitted these views from local residents to the Smith Commission, who are tasked with agreeing proposals for more devolution to the Scottish Parliament. On my website – joswinson.org.uk/morepowers – I will also be keeping people updated on the progress of delivering further powers to Scotland. 

“If you would also like to join the list for my future e-consultations please e-mail [email protected].”

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