Locals divided on Morrisons’ plans

Jo Swinson MP for East Dunbartonshire conducted three surveys as part of her latest e-consultation seeking local residents' views on the various development projects planned in East Dunbartonshire.

One of the surveys focused on the redevelopment of Bishopbriggs town centre, in particular, the applications recently submitted by Morrisons for a new store and a petrol station.

Results show there is some appetite for change with 35 per cent of respondents thinking the current state of the town centre was poor, with too much traffic, a lack of retailers and a lack of character. 40 per cent of respondents felt the current town centre was acceptable.

When it came to plans for a new Morrisons supermarket respondents were divided. Of those who expressed an opinion 55 per cent were against the plan and 45 per cent for it. Many residents are worried about the size of the store and its potential impact to change the character of the town, increase traffic, and impact businesses already in the town centre.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

"It's clear that there's a real desire for a redeveloped town centre that acts as a community hub with better shopping available for local residents. However many are concerned that the plans Morrisons have on the table are not going to contribute to bringing this about.

"People are worried that the new store is primarily aimed at car users, many of whom will not come to the town centre to use the other shops and facilities. And with the store planned to be built considerably further from the town centre than the current one, there is a real danger it will impact on the vitality of the existing centre.

"Overall, there is clear support for a more diverse retail offer and community facilities in the town centre. It is vital that the Council ensure that any development is done well with the needs of Bishopbriggs, rather than a supermarket chain, at the forefront.

"All documents relating to Morrisons planning applications will be available on East Dunbartonshire Council's Planning and Building Standards website at http://bit.ly/PiORae.

"I have passed the results on in my comments to the Council. For full results please visit the site http://js.lib.dm/p1qz "

If you would like to be part of Jo's monthly e-consultation mailing list, visit: http://www.joswinson.org.uk/e_consultations 

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