Magazine highlights airbrushing harm

Jo has commended the YMCA on launching the first ever magazine to feature an airbrush-free logo.

The magazine demonstrates the use of the "airbrush free" logo with photos of Gordon Brown.

In August, Jo and the Liberal Democrats launched a campaign calling for airbrushed ads to be clearly labelled, and for airbrushing to be banned in adverts aimed at children.

Harriet Harman last this week she “fully supports” this “excellent campaign”. Jo will put her case to the Government today in a Parliamentary debate on the topic.

Commenting, Jo said:

“I’m delighted that the YMCA are highlighting the important issue of the media and its impact on body image in their excellent new magazine.

“The academic report we recently commissioned presents scientific evidence that airbrushing is linked to problems such as depression and eating disorders.

“This is a serious issue and that’s why I will be challenging the Government on this in a House of Commons debate tonight.”

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