Making it easier for consumers to go green

A report released on today will urge the government to promote a universal labelling scheme to make environmental information more easily understandable to consumers.

The Environmental Audit Committee, of which Jo Swinson MP is a member, examined the growing variety of labels on all kinds of products, from food to electronic goods, giving information about the products’ green credentials. The report will argue that this information needs to be simplified and expressed in a standard format for each type of product, which can be easily interpreted by consumers.

Commenting, Jo said:

“The growing number of companies who want to advertise their product’s carbon footprint or its energy efficiency can only be a good thing, but it’s no use if consumers have to research lots of different symbols and logos to find out what the information means. What we really need is a simple labelling system that people can recognise and understand instantly, and which people know they can trust to help them make decisions about which are the greenest products to buy. I hope the government will work with businesses and consumers to develop a system which makes it easier for all of us to make environmentally friendly choices.”

Copies of the report can be obtained from TSO outlets and from the Parliamentary Bookshop, 12 Bridge Street, Parliament Square, London SW1A 2JX (020 7219 3890) by quoting House of Commons No. HC 243.

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