Milngavie residents oppose Tesco expansion

Most residents of Milngavie think the expansion of Tesco is unnecessary and bad for the community, according to the results of a survey by Jo Swinson MP.

Jo has published the results of her survey of all households in Milngavie on the proposed expansion of Tesco. Almost 1,000 surveys were completed, a response rate of 17%.

The survey revealed:

• 66% of people think the proposed height of the store is too high

• 56% do not approve of the proposed size of the new store

• It is important to customers that the current store stays open throughout the development and that there should be a pedestrian entrance on Woodburn Way

• The biggest concern of residents is the impact on other shops in Milngavie

Comments from most respondents indicated that they find the expansion plans inappropriate for Milngavie, and worry that it will threaten local businesses and the atmosphere of the precinct.

Jo also raised the issue in the House of Commons last week, highlighting the excellent range of independent stores in Milngavie and the negative impacts the Tesco plan may have.

Commenting, Jo said:

“The results of this survey are pretty conclusive – the people of Milngavie are not happy about Tesco’s plans. Milngavie precinct is unique in its picturesque style, and it would be a great shame if that was spoiled by the unnecessary expansion of Tesco. There are also many much-loved local shops which could be threatened by the plans.

“I have sent the survey results to East Dunbartonshire Council and to Tesco, and I would strongly urge them to take them into account when considering how to proceed with the proposals.”

The text of Jo’s contribution on Tesco in the House of Commons debate this week appears below:

“Elsewhere in my constituency, Tesco, which is well known in the context of planning, has a current application to expand its Milngavie store – to knock down the existing store and more than double it in size, in effect placing one of its Tesco Extra stores, I imagine, right next to the town centre. That is a massive expansion. I have surveyed my constituents on the matter – the 5,500 households affected in the town-and had more than 800 replies. The majority said that the proposed size of the store is far too big, and its location will result in its protruding more than 7 metres above the road, whereas at present it is set below the road and away from it, so it is not an eyesore on the landscape.

“As is often the case with large supermarket developments, people are also concerned about the impact on local shops. We are still lucky in Milngavie to have a great range of independent stores, such as a butcher, an ironmonger, a fabulous independent bookshop, confectioners and others. More than doubling the size of a large supermarket in that vicinity could have a very negative impact on those shops. I hope that those concerns will be taken into account when the application is considered, although I must note that, from the experiences of other hon. Members, companies such as Tesco do not necessarily have a great track record when it comes to changing their plans.”

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