New “bogus charity” operating in East Dunbartonshire

Jo is warning people not to be misled by ‘Do Not Delay!’, who are giving out “charity” collection bags in East Dunbartonshire.

In the past, Jo has warned people about Helpmates Ltd, a bogus charity which has put leaflets through people’s doors in East Dunbartonshire asking for clothing donations.

Now a new group is distributing leaflets and collection bags asking people to donate clothing in aid of a Lithuanian registered charity called ‘Do Not Delay!’. The small print reveals that only a “minimum” portion of the proceeds from donations goes to “Do Not Delay!”. The company is also using a ribbon logo very similar to that used by Breast Cancer UK.

Attracted by rising prices for second hand clothes a number of bogus charity collectors have begun operating in the UK. Jo has campaigned in Parliament for the Government to crack down on this unscrupulous practice.

Wilson Blakey, of Prestonfield in Milngavie, received one of the leaflets through his letterbox. He commented:

“My wife and I both do voluntary work in a Cancer Research UK charity shop and “Do Not Delay!” is clearly a bogus charity. However we are concerned that they may fool some people into donating clothing to them on the assumption that they are a genuine charity where in fact they are a commercial company donating only a small amount to a charity abroad – allegedly.”

Commenting, Jo said:

“People should be aware that the people putting out these leaflets are a commercial collection agency, and not a registered UK charity. Local Trading Standards are aware of this and are investigating whether or not they can pursue this company for breach of copyright in their use of the ribbon logo.

“It is disgraceful that such groups continue to exploit people’s goodwill and generosity for profit, especially as in so doing they are depriving legitimate charities of much needed revenue. I would advise constituents always to check that an organisation is registered as a charity in the UK before they make a donation – that way they can be sure that their help is getting to the right place"

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