New nuclear power carries economic and environmental dangers – Jo

Jo has called for greater use of clean energy sources

Jo Swinson MP has spoken out against the need for new nuclear power stations, during a Commons Debate yesterday.

Speaking in a Liberal Democrat sponsored Debate in the House of Commons, Jo warned against the economic and environmental dangers of continued reliance on nuclear power.

Following the debate, Jo commented:

“A new generation of nuclear power stations would be economically unsustainable. Last year, £48bn was signed off under the Energy Act to clean up the mess created to date – this figure has now increased to £56bn. It has recently been reported that the bill for cleaning up the sea bed at Dounreay could be as high as £70bn.

“A ‘nuclear tax’ on energy users would inevitably be needed to meet the cost of an expanding nuclear power programme.

“New nuclear power stations would also mean huge amounts of nuclear waste. Our existing nuclear power stations have already generated waste which will remain deadly for thousands of years.

“Rather than diverting essential funding away from research and development of renewable energy sources, we should be investing in energy efficiency, renewables and cleaner fossil fuel generation.”

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