No more pay cuts public sector workers in East Dunbartonshire - Jo

Public sector workers in East Dunbartonshire deserve to feel the benefits of the economic recovery by receiving pay increases by at least the rate of inflation, Liberal Democrat candidate and Business Minister Jo Swinson said.

Liberal Democrats in government will ensure employees in the public sector are no longer subject to real term cuts in their pay. This will guarantee an increase in pay to one in 5 workers in East Dunbartonshire.

Commenting Jo said:

“Public sector workers have made enough sacrifices. They have done their bit to help get the country back on track.

“That’s why the Liberal Democrats believe it is time to end the era of pay restraint.

“Under our plans, we will give all public sector workers pay rises which at least keep pace with the cost of living every year.

“No more pay freezes or below inflation pay rises. We can do this because with the Liberal Democrats, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“If you are a public sector worker worried Tory cuts threaten your job, or Labour’s refusal to deal with the deficit means another year of pay cuts, then only a vote for Lib Dem will guarantee you a fair pay deal.”

A balanced approach to the economy – tackling the deficit but doing it fairly – means the Liberal Democrats are the only party that can make this commitment for the next parliament.

The Tories’ ideological cuts to public spending and Labour’s failure to tackle the deficit means both parties will have to make further cuts to real terms pay. Liberal Democrats believe that now is the time to share this prosperity.

Further information

Our commitment

  • Public sector pay has already been set for 15/16 – our policy refers to 16/17 onwards.
  • Our commitment today is to end the period of pay restraint whereby public sector workers have been given real terms cuts in their pay.
  • Decisions about public sector pay are informed by the pay review bodies. But our guidance to those bodies will be that there should be no more real terms cuts to pay and that pay should at least keep pace with inflation for 16/17 and 17/18. This means a minimum pay increase of £350 for a nurse on £25,000, an increase of £420 for a police officer on £30,000, and a rise of £490 for a teacher on £35,000 over two years.
  • Once the books have been balanced, by the end of 17/18, we will ensure investment in public services grows in line with the growth in the economy, so our guidance to the pay review bodies will be that they should deliver real terms increases in pay.

We will also issue guidance to public sector pay review bodies to ensure pay increases at least in line with inflation in 2016/17 and 2017/18. After that, we will be make sure pay review bodies deliver an above inflation increase in public sector pay.

Conservatives and Labour

  • The Liberal Democrats are the only party that can credibly make this commitment.
  • The Conservatives have said they will continue with public sector pay restraint for another two years.
  • The Tories’ decision to veer off right, abandoning the balanced approach of the Coalition, means that our public services will experience far deeper cuts than are necessary, or are deliverable. This means swingeing cuts to the police, social care and education and continued pay restraint for public sector workers.
  • Labour’s manifesto doesn’t commit to increasing public sector pay.
  • Labour has committed to cutting the deficit in each and every year, but haven’t said when they will balance the books by. Their refusal to name they date when they will balance the books means they can’t commit to ruling out further real terms pay cuts in public sector pay.


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