No vision for Government in Queen’s Speech

The Queen’s Speech marks the start of the new Parliamentary session

Gordon Brown failed to set out a vision for Government in today’s Queen’s Speech, Jo Swinson has said.

Today’s State Opening of Parliament marked the 11th Queen’s Speech of the Blair/Brown era. Earlier this year, the Prime Minister broke with tradition by announcing a draft legislative programme ahead of the formal announcement made by the Monarch.

Commenting after the Queen’s Speech, Jo said:

“Gordon Brown told us he was not holding an election this autumn because he wanted to show us his vision for Britain, but we’re still waiting. Today’s Queen’s Speech exposed the fact that the Government has run out of policy ideas.

“The vast majority of the Bills announced today implement proposals formed under Tony Blair. It’s another reminder that we’ve had a change of Prime Minister but not a change in direction.

“The fact is that Gordon Brown is clearing up his own mistakes. The failing Child Support Agency should have been replaced years ago, and the shortage of affordable homes is not a new problem either. He does not have the vision to set out a new, radical programme for Government.

“Crucially, Gordon Brown has missed an opportunity for radical action on the environment. The two ‘green’ bills announced today, on energy and climate change, fall far short of what is needed. Coupled with recent backtracking on renewable energy targets, the Prime Minister’s lack of green thinking is plain to see.”

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