Only Lib Dem plan to balance books will give us £800 million for Scottish NHS

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie joined Liberal Democrat candidate for East Dunbartonshire and Business Minister Jo Swinson to set out his party’s plan to balance the books by 2018.

Speaking on a visit to manufacturing company Guala Closures in Kirkintilloch, Mr Rennie said that it is only because of his party’s responsible economic plan that they can commit to giving the Scottish NHS an £800m boost.

Mr Rennie challenged SNP, Labour and the Conservatives to be open with people in Scotland about what is needed to deal with the deficit fairly by 2017/18.

Mr Rennie said:

“It is only because we have a costed, responsible plan to balance the books by 2018 that we can give an £800m boost to the Scottish NHS.

“It’s because our plan to balance the books is one with a heart as well a brain.

“The Conservatives want to cut too much, taking us back to 1960’s levels of public spending. The SNP want to borrow even more than Labour, recklessly putting at risk the decent funding of public services.

“Our plan to cut less than the Conservatives and borrow less than the SNP and Labour enables us to commit to building a stronger economy and a fairer society.

“Liberal Democrats have been first out the blocks in setting out how we would deal with the deficit. The SNP, Labour and the Conservatives must be open with  people in Scotland about what is needed to deal with the deficit fairly by 2017/18.”

Willie Rennie also pointed to the party’s key priorities in the first two years of the next parliament, including further income tax cuts and investing in our NHS. These include:

•         Abolish the Tory Share for Rights scheme saving around - raising £200m
•         Place greater restrictions on Capital Gains Tax exemptions - raising £700m
•         Closely align dividend tax rates with marginal income tax rates for higher and additional rate taxpayers - raising £1.2bn
•         Cap working age benefits uprating at one per cent for two years -raising £160m
•         Removing Winter Fuel Payment and free TV licences from currently eligible higher rate taxpayers - raising £125m

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