Pensioners missing out

Jo Swinson: The state pension must be increased

Despite months of costly advertising the Pension Credit is only being paid to 254,000 households in Scotland -146,000 short of the 400,000 the Government estimates are eligible to claim the money.

Commenting on the figures, local Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson Jo Swinson said: “The Labour Government’s own research shows that it is the poorest pensioners who fail to claim complex means-tested benefits. The Government claim to be happy with this appalling level of take-up. They should be setting their sights much higher and ensuring that everyone who is entitled to the Pension Credit gets the Pension Credit.”


She continued “As every month goes by Scottish pensioners are missing out on money to which they are entitled. It is likely that many may never see the cash. The Government must realise that the only guaranteed way to get extra money to the poorest pensioners is through increasing the inadequate state pension.”

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