Pensions Boost

Milngavie pensioner Ria Reddick shows Jo Swinson and Cllr Fiona Risk the £25 worth of extra groceries she would be able to buy with the new Lib Dem Citizen’s Pension

Liberal Democrats have announced a new policy to boost the state pension. Under the new pensions policy, all single pensioners over 75 will have an extra £25 a week on their pension and couples over 75 would have an extra £33 a week.

In the first term of a Liberal Democrat Government, the Citizen’s Pension will be targeted at the over 75s who tend to be the poorest, the majority of whom are women. The policy will later be extended to all pensioners. The Citizen’s Pension will rise in line with average earnings so that all pensioners would share in the growing wealth of the nation.

By basing the pension on residency rather than National Insurance contributions, women will no longer be penalised for caring for their children at home or be reliant on their husband’s pension because they will receive a pension in their own right.

The cost of the £2.7 billion policy will be met through cross-departmental savings already announced by the Liberal Democrats. Jo Swinson, local Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson said, “The Government’s plans for pensions have been a shambles. Mass means testing and Pension Credit complexity has done little to help the most vulnerable pensioners. Our measures provide dignity for all pensioners.”

Jo added, “East Dunbartonshire has a growing elderly population. These plans will help

local people by giving them a decent pension as a right. My generation owes a huge amount to pensioners who lived through economic depression, world war, and rationing, to give us the country we have today.”

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