Petition Launched to Scrap the Council Tax

Jo Swinson, East Dunbartonshire’s Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson, is supporting the national campaign to end the unfair Council Tax. Jo believes it should be replaced with a fairer local income tax based on ability to pay.

She said:

“Under the Lib Dem plans for a fairer Local Income Tax, more than two thirds of households would be better off or unaffected. Over half of all pensioners would pay nothing, and the average single earner household would save £356 a year.”

Jo is launching a petition calling for Council Tax to be scrapped and replaced with a fairer system. She will be distributing this widely across East Dunbartonshire.

Council Tax is not only unfair, it is inefficient as well. Council Tax administration costs are over half a billion a year, and Council Tax benefit costs over £200 million to administer. A local income tax would piggy back on national income tax and so would not need a new expensive bureaucracy.

Jo added:

“The upcoming review by the Scottish Executive into Local Government finance gives us a perfect opportunity to end the discredited council tax system, which was no more than a quick fix for the poll tax, and bring in a just and fair way of paying for our council services.

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