Phone mast applications – – Jo offers to organise a public meeting


Jo Swinson said, “PledgeBank is an innovative tool that all sorts of communities can use – whether joined together by geography, topic of interest or cause. It will be interesting to see how it evolves.”

Speaking about her pledge, which can be viewed, Jo said, “Recent phone mast applications in East Dunbartonshire have demonstrated that local people feel strongly about this issue. Most people now use mobile phones, and enjoy the benefits they offer. While phone masts are necessary, it is also important that they are sited sensitively. Bringing together residents and phone companies should promote better understanding and led to better planning applications for masts.”

Bearsden Councillor Fiona Callison has also logged a pledge, promising to donate her July Councillor’s allowance to charity if 4 local schools sign up to the BBC’s Africa school twinning programme.

Those without internet access can sign Jo’s pledge by texting “pledge phonemasts” to 60022.

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