Poll shows Lib Dems can win in East Dunbartonshire

A new opinion poll has shown that Liberal Democrat candidate Jo Swinson can win in East Dunbartonshire.

The poll which was conducted by independent pollsters ICM last week asked: “If you thought that the Liberal Democrats could win in your constituency would you vote for them, not change your vote, or switch to another party?” Analysis of the results showed that the % of the votes would be as follows:

Liberal Democrat 39

Labour 31

Conservative 26

The result, according to a computer analysis by the Liberal Democrats, could mean victory for Jo Swinson in East Dunbartonshire.

Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy; “This goes to show when people think the Liberal Democrats can win, the Liberal Democrats do win. In East Dunbartonshire that would mean victory for Jo Swinson. The Liberal Democrats are the real alternative in this election, and this poll shows that if everybody in East Dunbartonshire who supports the Liberal Democrats’ positive plans for Britain voted for us we could win here.”

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