Premature Trident decision places next nuclear talks in jeopardy

Jo Swinson and Alan Reid at Faslane Naval Base

Jo visited Faslane recently with Argyll & Bute MP Alan Reid

Jo Swinson has expressed her disappointment after the Government won a crucial vote on the replacement of Trident last night.

The Government won with the support of Conservative MPs, after 95 Labour MPs rebelled against their own party.

Jo said:

“Tony Blair has steamrollered through a premature decision on the replacement of Trident and committed an error or judgment that will affect us for decades after he leaves office.

“The next round of international nuclear disarmament talks take place in 2010, by which time neither Tony Blair nor George Bush will be in power. For the security of our world in the 21st Century, it is vital that these are successful.

“That the Government, with the support of the Conservatives, have placed these talks in jeopardy by taking this premature decision to renew the UK’s nuclear arsenal is irresponsible in the extreme. The Defence Select Committee has already said that no decision on replacing Trident needs to be taken until 2014.

“We should be promoting non-proliferation by cutting our own stockpile of nuclear warheads and engaging in constructive multi-lateral talks on nuclear disarmament.”

Commenting on last night’s votes, which saw Labour’s largest backbench rebellion since votes on the Iraq war, Jo said:

“Tony Blair relied on Conservative votes to push this through. His authority is draining away and on this issue his party has left him humiliated.”

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