Progress made on securing Aberdeen Met Office future

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Jo has given a qualified welcome to the latest news on Aberdeen Met Office


Jo Swinson MP has met with Energy Minister Don Touhig to discuss the future of Aberdeen Met Office.

Liberal Democrat MP for Gordon, Malcolm Bruce, led the cross-party delegation of MPs to meet Mr Touhig earlier today. Jo called for full forecasting operations to be retained by Scotland’s only remaining civilian Met Office.

Commenting on the meeting, Jo Swinson said:

“This meeting held some satisfactory developments for Aberdeen Met Office, with the new option of retaining some commercial weather forecasting operations. However, I believe there is a strong case for keeping the expertise and local knowledge that exists in this centre of excellence. To his credit, the Minister is showing a willingness to listen.

“The current consultation on the future of the Met Office has been extended to end next Tuesday. I hope the Minister will decide to retain current operations in Aberdeen after the consultation closes.”

The original consultation, which laid out four options for the future structure of the Met Office, was due to end on 20th October 2005. The consultation has been extended to 15th November to take account of a new option which proposes retaining additional staff in the regional offices in the current centralisation and partial automation option.

The Met Office has a network of regional weather centres located in Aberdeen, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and Belfast.

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