Purvis calls for transparency on fiscal framework talks

Scottish Liberal Democrat peer Jeremy Purvis today called for transparency over negotiations on the fiscal framework agreement between the Scottish and UK governments.

Lord Purvis argued that UK-wide fiscal arrangements should not be determined by secret party political horse trading. He warned that delays in the publication of the framework could hinder parliamentary scrutiny of the final deal.

Lord Purvis was speaking after pressing UK Ministers on the fiscal framework talks during question time in the House of Lords this afternoon.

Commenting, Lord Purvis said:

"The fiscal arrangements for Scotland and the UK surely cannot be the result of secret party political horse trading, ending some time in February, avoiding widespread debate and parliamentary scrutiny. 

"We were told in the summer that agreement would be reached in the autumn, in the autumn promised it would be made in winter and just last week we were told the New Year. Now the SNP has said mid-February, just a short number of weeks before the Holyrood elections, is when they are looking for agreement.

"The framework will have huge repercussions for all taxpayers across the UK and especially in Scotland and the governments should publish, before Christmas, the underlying data upon which the negotiations are taking place in order for wider scrutiny."

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