Queen’s Speech announces “laws for the land of make-believe”

Jo has described this year’s Queen’s Speech as a “political charade”.

Jo and the Liberal Democrats have called the Queen’s Speech this week a “fantasy”, laying out a legislative agenda which has no chance of being implemented before the General Election, which is expected in May. Of the bills proposed in last year’s Queen’s Speech, just two had made it onto the statute book by May.

The Liberal Democrats called on the Government to use the Queen’s Speech to lay out a programme of political reform designed to clean up and modernise British politics before the election.

Commenting, Jo said:

“This year’s Queen’s Speech was a political charade. We all know that most of the bills which the Government set out in the speech will not make it into law before the General Election. We could instead be using this time to sort out the expenses system and implement much needed political reforms. Worryingly, expenses were not even mentioned in the speech.

“Although the Government announced its intention to proceed with reform of the House of Lords, this comes a decade too late. This should have been a top priority for Labour as soon as they came into power, but by leaving it until the end of this Parliament there is a good chance it won’t happen. The next six months could have been given over to electoral reform, cleaning up party funding, implementing fixed term Parliaments and setting up a Citizen’s Convention to make decisions on further political reform. Instead the Government wants to make laws for the land of make-believe.”

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