Raw deal for poorer children and pensioners in budget

Those expecting effective green action in the budget were disappointed

Jo Swinson has described Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling’s first budget as failing poorer children and vulnerable pensioners.

She also criticised the lack of green thinking in the budget, which was delivered in the House of Commons today.

Commenting after the budget statement, Jo said:

“Today’s budget lets down children living in poverty, lets down those who care about protecting our environment and lets down our pensioners who desperately deserve a fair deal.

“The Government now seems to have given up on its 2010 child poverty target. By the Government’s own calculations it will be putting only an additional £1bn into combating child poverty – £2.5bn less than is needed to meet its target.

“Green taxes have been kicked into the long grass. None of the limited proposals will be implemented before 2009 at the earliest.

“For our pensioners struggling with rising fuel bills, a one year increase in the winter fuel allowance is not the answer. Trying to grab headlines with a one-off Winter Fuel Payment increase will do nothing to help poor pensioners in the long run.

“Labour has had 10 years to tackle child poverty and give a fair deal to pensioners. This budget reveals that they are failing to reach those goals. It now seems that under Labour, the most vulnerable in our society are among those getting the worst deal.”

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