Reports on saving Bearsden Post Offices sent as consultation ends

Today was the deadline for the consultation on the proposed closures of Courthill, Killermont and Westerton Post Offices. Local Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson Jo Swinson prepared and submitted to the consultation reports on keeping each of these 3 Post Offices open in time for today’s deadline.

Since the closure proposals were announced 6 weeks ago, Jo has been busy gathering comments and information from local people who will be affected by the proposed closures. This has been collated into a 3 separate reports which were accompanied by the original letters and comment slips sent to Jo.

Jo said, “Thanks to everyone who has responded to the Save the Post Office leaflets, I have been able to put together a strong case for keeping Courthill, Killermont and Westerton Post Offices open. Let’s hope the Post Office will listen to the arguments and reconsider their plans to close these vital local Post Offices.”

Jo explained the key arguments in her report, “Many people would have problems accessing the alternative Post Offices due to hills and lack of bus services, and these were the concerns that kept coming up in the letters people sent to me. Elderly and disabled people would be at a particular disadvantage. There was also a great concern about the queueing times at the Roman Road Post Office if the business from all 3 Post Offices was redirected there. These are important factors which the Post Office should take into account.”

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