Residents worried by loss of green space

Loss of green space was the top concern of residents responding to Jo Swinson’s environment survey

East Dunbartonshire residents are worried about the loss of local parks and green space, according to new survey results announced by Jo Swinson.

Jo has produced a new report based on the results of an environment survey sent to 32,000 households across East Dunbartonshire. Key findings of the report include:

  • 68% of respondents rated loss of green space as a major environmental concern;
  • 55% of people rated climate change as a major concern;
  • Other concerns included the destruction of ecosystems and overpopulation.

Commenting on the survey findings, Jo Swinson said:

“Given the opportunity to put their views forward through this survey on a broad spectrum of green issues, local residents chose above all to highlight their concern about the loss of green space. Local parks provide a vital facility in many communities for children’s play, physical activities, dog walking and more.

“Residents are keenly aware of the negative impact on their quality of life if local parks, school playing fields and other green spaces are lost. Ensuring protection for our green spaces is crucial to ensuring the continuing health of our communities. With the Campsies, Forth and Clyde Canal pathways, Mugdock Country Park and the start of the West Highland Way all local to East Dunbartonshire, people in this area also understand the need to preserve and promote our fantastic countryside.

“Those who responded to the survey also rated climate change as a major concern. It is encouraging that residents have a clear grasp of the scale of the challenge climate change presents. Taking action at a local level is a vital part of the fight to tackle climate change, which is why I am pleased to see a high level of environmental awareness and activity when I visit schools and local groups around East Dunbartonshire.

“I was pleased to see people recognising the strong environmental record of the Liberal Democrats in the survey, by rating them ahead of the other parties on tackling green issues. From policies on environmental taxes to radical proposals to achieve a zero-carbon Britain by 2050, the Lib Dems are the party that can provide the real solutions to tackle climate change.

“Excess packaging is an issue that particularly annoys people trying to cut down on waste. 43% of people responding to the survey said that packaging accounts for over half of their household waste. There is a lot more that supermarkets and producers could do to cut down on the amount of over-packaging they dump on consumers, as well as a need for stronger government action to cut excess packaging.”

Mhairi Auld, a Milngavie resident who responded to the environment survey, joined Jo Swinson to launch the environment survey report. She commented:

“In terms of green space, I would say that it is really important for me that my daughter has somewhere nearby that she can enjoy the outdoors. We are close to Lennox Park in Milngavie, and see the park as a valuable community facility.

“I would particularly like to see more efforts going into improving ecosystems in the urban environment, for example by allowing wild plants and foliage to grow in some areas.

“I am pleased to see Jo Swinson listening to local people’s views on green issues. It helps people to focus on the importance of looking after our environment.”

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