Road improvements a priority

An additional £500k is to be invested in roads, pavements and the drainage system across East Dunbartonshire. Jo Swinson and Council Leader John Morrison both welcome this much needed investment.

John Morrison and Jo Swinson

Jo Swinson: More money is needed locally for roads

East Dunbartonshire Council Leader John Morrison said, “We know that one of the biggest concerns of people in East Dunbartonshire is the condition of the roads. This extra £500k will allow us to accelerate our existing programme of works to repair and improve the road network.”

East Dunbartonshire runs a resurfacing programme that ensures each road is targeted approximately once every 50 years. Although this is not enough it compares very favourably with other Councils’ cycles. Underfunding of roads is an issue that has long concerned Cllr Morrison and other Council Leaders and they agree that the answer to the problem lies with central government.

Putting the problem in context, Councillor Morrison explained, “We know from assessments that we need to spend in the region of £20m every year for a significant period to tackle all outstanding road issues. This year our total budget for roads, lighting, road safety and road improvements is £9.2m. While this represents a generous chunk of the overall budget it is clearly not enough.”

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