Save Kirky Farmers’ Market

Jo Swinson MP has urged East Dunbartonshire Council to drop its prohibitive licensing fees which have caused Kirkintilloch Farmers’ Market to close.

Like other farmers markets around East Dunbartonshire, the Kirkintilloch Farmers’ Market has been a popular attraction for locals and visitors, and provided trade for local producers. Several months ago, after the market moved to Regent Gardens, the market was forced to close due to the high costs of the licence and planning permission.

Jo Swinson is calling on the Council to why the licence and planning permission are necessary for a market which had until February 2010 operated perfectly well without them.

Last year, Kirkintilloch Farmers’ Market came under attack from local Independent Councillor Charles Kennedy, who made calls for it to be closed down.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“Kirkintilloch Farmers’ Market provides a unique and important supply of fresh produce which locals and visitors enjoy. Not only is it a much valued part of local life, but it also helps local businesses by bringing more people to the town centre on market days.

“The market has long operated without a licence or planning permission, the cost of which has now effectively put it out of business. Especially in times like these, the Council should be doing all it can to help local businesses. I am urging the Council to drop this extra bureaucracy so that the market can resume business as usual.”

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