Scotland leading the way on fair votes

Elections in the rest of the UK should follow the example of Scotland, according to Jo Swinson MP.

Addressing a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrat conference in Blackpool yesterday, Jo praised Scotland for leading the way on improving fairness within the voting system.

Jo commented, “Scotland is streets ahead in terms of implementing electoral reform. The introduction of fair votes for local council elections in 2007 is a great step forward. Then the Westminster election will be the only one fought in Scotland under the archaic, unfair system of first-past-the-post.

“At Holyrood, the benefits in terms of a wider representation of views are clear. We have six party politics and a positive, healthy forum that allows many voices to be heard.

“At this year’s General Election, Labour won 70% of the seats in Scotland with only 40% of the vote. This is obviously unfair, and a great many people are now in support of the compelling case for a change to a proportional voting system.”

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