Scotland should say no to nuclear – Swinson

The Scottish Executive has the final say over nuclear power stations in Scotland, because of its control of planning decisions

Jo Swinson MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, has criticised Government plans to build a new generation of nuclear power stations.

Following the statement by Trade and Industry Secretary Alastair Darling, Ms Swinson commented:

“The Government’s commitment to new nuclear power stations brings with it a host of unwelcome side-effects, not least over unresolved waste disposal issues and the level of taxpayer subsidies that will be needed to back up new developments.

“Increased energy efficiency, microgeneration and renewables must be at the heart of energy policy. There is a clear risk that investing in new nuclear will seriously undermine confidence and potential funding in these areas.

“The fact is, Scotland doesn’t need to subscribe to Tony Blair’s nuclear agenda. The Scottish Executive has the final say over new nuclear power stations in Scotland. It is clear that there is no demand for new nuclear power stations in Scotland and that the Executive has no appetite to build any.”

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