Scottish Government could have stopped Kilmardinny development

Jo has slammed the Scottish Government for not overruling the Reporter on the Kilmardinny development.

Scottish Ministers could have “called in” the decision on CALA and Stewart Milne’s appeal, choosing to take the decision themselves rather than leaving it to the unelected Reporter, but chose not to.

In the recently decided case of the Beauly-Denny power line, Scottish Ministers chose to make the decision themselves, and overruled the advice of the Reporters.

It is up to Scottish Ministers to decide when Reporters should be allowed to decide on appeals and when they should be “called in” for Minister to make, which usually happens in particularly difficult or controversial cases.

Commenting, Jo said:

“If Scottish Ministers could call in the decision over the Beauly-Denny power line and go against the Reporters’ advice on that, then I see no reason why they could have not done the same with the Kilmardinny appeal.

“You only have to look at the coverage in the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald to see that the Kilmardinny appeal has been extremely controversial, and the Reporter’s handling of it has caused a great deal of anger.”

“Leaving an unelected Reporter to decide the appeal in the Kilmardinny case is part of what has led us into this ridiculous situation where such an unpopular development is going ahead.”

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