Scottish Government needs to step up action on support for poorest children – Jo

Jo Swinson MP has highlighted the need for early intervention in Scotland to improve children’s chances.

The figures put East Dunbartonshire as one of the lowest areas of the country in terms of the number of people without qualifications – coming 104th out of 632 local authorities.

The area also fared significantly better than neighbouring areas Glasgow North East and West Dunbartonshire, ranking 632nd and 521st respectively for people with qualifications. The breadth of results highlighted the significant educational attainment gap across Britain.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“It’s good to see East Dunbartonshire ranking highly in the UK for the amount of people with qualifications. This is a tribute to the fantastic work carried out by teachers and parents, as I have seen on my regular visits to local schools.

“However with clear gaps across the country, we must ensure that future generations have the same fair start in life. With the Pupil Premium, the Liberal Democrats are delivering on £1.25bn of support for those children across England who need extra help to reach their potential. The Scottish Government now needs to step up its action on early intervention in order to reduce the achievement gap and give every child a fair start in life.”

6.6% of people in East Dunbartonshire do not have any qualifications, ranking 104th out of 632 in the UK. Figures taken from the annual ONS population survey – data from Nomis 4th July 2011 – on % of population in each UK area with no qualifications aged 16-64.

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