Small business support necessary to repeat Filterclear success

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Filterclear benefitted from small-business startup assistance

Jo Swinson has welcomed the success of Kirkintilloch-based company Filterclear Ltd, but warned of the consequences for other small businesses if cuts to Business Gateway go ahead.

Earlier today, Jo was welcomed to the Filterclear premises at Ramsay Industrial Estate by Managing Director Nic Holmes. The company, which was established in Kirkintilloch in 2003, currently employs 4 full-time and 1 part-time members of staff.

Jo is currently pressing for plans to close the Business Gateway offices in Kirkintilloch and Bearsden to be reversed.

Commenting following the visit to Filterclear Ltd, Jo said:

“Filterclear represents a small business success story in Kirkintilloch and is a reminder of the vital contribution entrepreneurs make to the local economy. Providing a service based on modern, green technology, the company is tapping into markets in Scotland and across the globe.

“The success of Filterclear, which depended on business loans to get up and running, highlights the importance of startup assistance for small businesses. The early days of any small business are precarious, with the availability of both financial help and sound business advice often making the difference between success and failure.

“Planned cuts to the Business Gateway service in Kirkintilloch, which I am currently fighting, will mean that other small business startups struggle to survive.”

Filterclear Ltd has recently entered into a joint venture with Chinese company Datong Huibao Active Carbon to apply its unique filtration method to the recycling of industrial waste water. The company is currently evaluating expansion prospects in the Middle East, as well as piloting applications with Scottish Water.

Filterclear’s technology is based on the Spruce Multi-layer Filter, which uses an improved method of filtration to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms from water and wastewater. It was invented by the late Fred Spruce, a world reknowned Chemical Engineer, and developed by Filterclear Ltd over the last 4 years.

The technology can have a number of applications, such as helping companies recycle waste water to make substantial cost savings and achieve environmental targets, bringing rapid fresh water supplies to disaster zones and providing reliable fresh water supplies in developing countries.

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