SNP Abandons Ship After Harsh Cuts Imposed by Holyrood Nationalists

The SNP have given up on their leadership of East Dunbartonshire Council and have failed to take responsibility for passing a council budget for this financial year.

Restrictions from the SNP Scottish Government have meant that in real terms there needs to be a £19.7m cut to the budget, and following their walkout in December, the SNP group on East Dunbartonshire Council have failed to put forward a plan for the budget.

Councillor Susan Murray said “The creation of the budget is a process which should take months of consideration and negotiation from a stable administration. The SNP clearly saw the writing on the wall and chose to avoid responsibility for seeing through these cuts, no matter the cost to their credibility. Their decision to walk away from the administration prematurely means that the Liberal Democrat-driven All-Party Working Group on the budget has had to rush this through in a third of the time that should have been given to the process.”

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