SNP backs down over public notices

Jo has welcomed the Scottish Government’s U-turn on publishing public notices in local newspapers.

The Scottish Government has proposed a bill which would allow local councils to publish public notices only online, meaning they would no longer be obliged to publish them in local newspapers. However, the plans have now been dropped in the face of overwhelming opposition.

The Liberal Democrats have opposed the idea, saying it would withdraw a vital source of revenue from local newspapers at a time when they need this support. There has also been concern that many people may not see important local notices if they are only posted online.

Commenting, Jo said:

“I am relieved that the SNP has seen sense and decided to drop these ridiculous plans. These are difficult times for local newspapers, with the pressure of the recession and fierce competition from online media.”

“Many very important public notices are published in the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald, including on big local issues such as the Kilmardinny development, and local people may very well not have seen these if they had to search around on a website for them. This SNP U-turn is fantastic news for our excellent local newspapers.”

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