SNP Abandons Council Administration


The Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on East Dunbartonshire Council has accused the SNP of ‘political cowardice’ after the Nationalists resigned last night (Thursday 21st) as the minority administration on the council.

Describing the SNP group as ‘Scaredy-Nats’, Councillor Vaughan Moody, the leader of the six-strong Lib Dem group on the council, accused the SNP of ‘running away’ before having to make hard decisions ahead of the budget-setting process in February.

Councillor Moody said: "In 40 years I have never seen an administration simply quit rather than being voted out of office. They have just walked out when the going was about to get tough, with their Holyrood masters in the Scottish Government yet again having given East Dunbartonshire a Scrooge-like budget settlement which could lead to cuts of up to £20 Million.

"And the SNP’s grandstanding on the issue of redundancy packages is simply political posturing. East Dunbartonshire currently offers the best packages in Scotland, but that is unsustainable and the plans voted through by a majority on the council simply brings it down to around the average.

"The Scaredy-Nats rhetoric about standing up for workers rights may look good in a press release, but in reality when the actual figures are explained to the public they are always shocked at the level of the current packages, which let us be clear they are paying for. And in actual fact the SNP Government proposals for a £95K cap on redundancy packages is in some cases harsher than those coming into effect in East Dunbartonshire next year.’’

Meanwhile, Councillor Moody has vehemently denied SNP accusations of a ‘stitch-up’ between the Lib Dems and the Tory group in a bid to take control of the council as ‘nonsense’.

He said: "Rumours of a coalition arrangement are nothing new, and were rife even back in May just after the local elections.

But they were way off the mark then, and it would be highly presumptuous to assume they are any more accurate now.

The Liberal Democrat position has always been to do what is best for our local communities, and that focus has not changed."

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