SNP Leaves Council in the Lurch

In December, the ruling SNP administration refused to continue in their positions after losing only one major vote in their term in leadership.

They claimed that they were no longer able to function properly as the other parties were consistently voting them down, however they only lost one major vote in their time in office. That vote was on  a Liberal Democrat motion to reduce the multimillion pound cost of voluntary redundancies in order to preserve jobs and protect vital services.

The council is bound by law to pass a budget every Spring, or face direct rule from Edinburgh. The SNP’s decision to abandon their administration meant that this process was thrown into jeopardy and could have allowed the Council to be run centrally. It was only the Liberal Democrats who were prepared to fix this mess by creating an All-Party Working Group to form a budget in the absence of the SNP’s political leadership.

Tomorrow evening the council will vote on the budget created by the Liberal Democrat-driven All-Party Working Group. Throughout this process the Liberal Democrat group have prioritised the protection of jobs and services and the empowerment of local communities.

The SNP, on the other hand, would have allowed the Council to grind to a halt – all for the sake of a headline.

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